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Every day, media from all over the world report on the current situation and progress in combating the rapidly spreading coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). More than ever before, those in the life sciences sector are being looked to for a way to fight back against COVID-19.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of lab consumables, we face the challenge and are your reliable partner even in this crisis. We are here to meet the need for lab consumables for clinical and research laboratories by guaranteeing high quality COVID lab supplies, fast shipping, and excellent customer service


Only together do we have a chance to fight this virus and we will do our best by being there for you with our products Today. Tomorrow. Always. #WeCanBeatCorona


Further information on the current situation and corona preventive measures at Greiner Bio-One can be found in our customer information!


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In view of the worldwide efforts to intensify testing for coronavirus, the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) has published a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the production of a proprietary virus transport medium.

Greiner Bio-One can also support you here with a variety of products for your manufacturing process.

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Item no.Description
785290Sapphire Microplate, 384 Well, PP, PCR, with skirt, suitable for ABI,
natural, 15 pcs./bag
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Item no.         Description           
89000010Sapphire 1-10 μl single channel pipetteShop now
89001000Sapphire 100-1000 μl single channel pipetteShop now
89008200Sapphire 20-200 μl 8-channel pipetteShop now


Sapphire 20-200 μl 12-channel pipetteShop now
Item no.Description
120180Tube, 4.5ml, PS,12.4/75mm, round bottom, two position vent stopper,
clear, sterile, 25 pcs./bag
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456163VACUETTE® 2 ml Virus Stabilization Tube 13x100 red cap-white ring, PREMIUM, USAShop now
456164VACUETTE® 3 ml Virus Stabilization Tube 13x100 red cap-white ring, PREMIUM, USAShop now