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You will find a large selection of information about Greiner Bio-One products in our download area. The download area contains instructions for use, product brochures, product information sheets, studies and much more. If you are looking for a specific document, then the search function offers you various ways to search for it. You can search by product number, product category or document type.

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Urine Cup with Integrated Transfer Device flyer
Flyer / PDF, 690 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Tips for Avoiding Short Draw or Quantity Not Sufficient
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 798 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Platelet Clumping and Other Considerations with EDTA Additive
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 413 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Reducing Blood Loss
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 249 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Good Phlebotomy Technique
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 446 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Centralized Versus Decentralized Phlebotomy
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 306 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Serum or Plasma?
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 497 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Blood Splatter Does Matter
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 324 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Ensuring a Successful Implementation
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 191 KB
Preanalytic Pulse: Tube Validation and Verification
Preanalytic Pulse / PDF, 506 KB
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