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It is our own aim to offer our customers and partners the best possible service. This includes comprehensive information on our products, as well as hints and practical tips on the correct application. At Greiner Bio-One, we offer you a holistic approach with various opportunities to optimise and improve your personal expertise and handling of our products. Find out all the details about our global training programme, information about digital learning opportunities via e-learning or webinars, as well as our unique quiz offer, where knowledge is imparted in an entertaining way.


We are proud to present to you our training portal. It is an online platform that facilitates the organisational processing of trainings for both trainers and participants by making everything available electronically and at any time - from participant registration to downloading training documents and certificates. 

To ensure a uniform external image on the subject of training, we have created this platform. Our training portal provides an overview of available training 
modules and enables interested parties to contact the local product and application specialists by using the contact form. We provide you support in case of product knowledge and application of our products.

Online training for healthcare professionals

Our IV and arterial catheters are designed with the health care professionals working environment in mind. Our focus is to provide products that are user friendly, safe, sharp and with a consistent quality, so you can focus less on worrying about needlestick injuries and more on giving the best care to your patients.

We offer online training for up-to-date clinical knowledge on CLiP® automatic safety IV catheters and SWiTCH automatic safety arterial catheters. Select your preferred course and start your training today!


Why not try a fun way to learn more about our products by taking part in our online quiz? It's quick and easy to sign-up and you can even challenge your colleagues to achieve the highest score.

How to Login

Gold Traininghealthstream

1. Click on the button below. It would be helpful to have a practice pad and product in hand as you watch the videos.

2. Create an account by filling in all * fields and agreeing to the terms.

3. Once you are signed in, click on the ‘catalog’ tab.

4. Select the course you want to view:

  • VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set
  • QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder
  • MiniCollect® Capillary Blood Collection (using Funnel)
  • MiniCollect® Capillary Blood Collection (using Capillary Straw)
  • You can choose to watch a short video or view a PowerPoint presentation.

5. After successfully completing the test, you can print a certificate of completion.

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