Facts and Figures

Financial year 2017

Greiner Bio-One International GmbH continued to consolidate its market position in the 2017 fiscal year. The extension of the headquarters in Kremsmünster has been completed. New acquisitions enhanced the product portfolio and the network of locations in Europe was expanded. Solid expansion was achieved in the Asian growth markets, the USA and Latin America. Furthermore, steady customer confidence and constant high capacity utilization at all production locations contributed to the fact that sales increased by 5% (EUR 473 million) compared to the previous financial year.

The takeover of the long-term, exclusive sales partners Vacuette España and Vacuette Portugal in March 2017 was an important step which facilitated greater customer proximity and more precisely targeted marketing on the Iberian Peninsula. As a result, Greiner Bio-One reached another milestone in the systematic implementation of its sales strategy. Due to this acquisition Greiner Bio-One is represented in all of Europe’s main markets with its own subsidiaries. In addition, the distribution network in the Eastern European markets was optimized and strengthened.

The opening of the headquarters extension in October 2017 was celebrated in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the headquarters in Kremsmünster. A total of 10 million euros were invested in the expansion. At the Hungarian site, the extension of an additional warehouse was completed in November 2017; in Brazil, production capacity was increased again due to the rising demand for blood collection tubes.

In July 2017, Greiner Bio-One purchased over ninety percent of the shares of the listed technology and trading company Vigmed Holding AB, which is based in Helsingborg, Sweden. As a result, the preanalytics safety product portfolio could be expanded to include IV catheters with a safety mechanism. An further innovation on the market is the MiniCollect® Complete Tube. The product line for the capillary blood collection was extended with a standard MiniCollect® Tube that comes pre-assembled in a carrier tube. The MiniCollect® Complete Tube allows for easier, more efficient and hygienic handling, as both blood collection and subsequent analysis can be done with the same sample container.

In addition, Greiner eHealth Technologies (GeT) was able to achieve a significant success in 2017 with the implementation of its holistic, process-optimized system solution for pre- and post-analytical processes through its pilot project at the Steyr General Hospital (Austria). GeT combines VACUETTE® barcode tubes with a software solution and makes a valuable contribution to the optimization of pre- and post-analytical processes as well as to improved data protection, patient safety and quality.

New and innovative CXTM automated solutions were developed in cooperation with the company HAMILTON®. They are intended to automate all the manual pipetting steps of the PapilloCheck® HPV test, in order to obtain qualitative detection of HPV (human papilloma viruses) in a faster and more efficient manner. The CXTM NIMBUS® and CXTM STARlet, launched in 2017, offer diagnostic laboratories the chance to switch to an automated equipment platform and thus achieve more effective HPV screening at higher clearance rates. 

Three-dimensional in vitro assays are considered to offer great potential in the high throughput screening field, as they facilitate a more meaningful assessment of the effectiveness of cancer treatment at an early development phase. CELLSTAR® cell culture flasks with cell-repellent surfaces are ideal for the cultivation of cells in 3D structures. In particular, excellent results have been obtained in combination with the technology from the cooperation partner Nano3D Biosciences from Houston in Texas (USA). 

In the 2017 financial year, a cash flow of 67 million euros was generated. At the end of the year, there were 2,247 employees worldwide at Greiner Bio-One.

Turnover and cashflow:

2013 – 2017, figures are given in EUR millions

   2013  2014  2015  20162017
 Turnover  373.0  388.0  427.5  452.0473.0
 Cashflow   42.0  47.6  61.3  63.467.3

“We are investing sustainably in our locations and in innovative product solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers.”

Rainer Perneker, CEO Greiner Bio-One International GmbH