Facts and Figures

Above-average business development in 2020

During the 2020 financial year, Greiner Bio-One employed a global workforce of more than 2,300 at 28 locations in 20 countries. The company achieved annual sales revenues of EUR 693 million, which represented growth of 36 percent over the preceding year (FY 2019: EUR 509 million). 

This development pattern was largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and there was also an intense focus upon the maintenance of international delivery capabilities and the best possible management of production capacity and the supply bottlenecks in the sourcing market. The beginning of the pandemic was marked in many countries by a reduction in hospital services to the treatment of emergency cases, the postponement of routine examinations and the closure of laboratories, universities and research bodies, which resulted in a business downturn. In response, Greiner Bio-One acted quickly with new products for the needs of the pandemic and created additional production capacity for items of relevance to COVID-19 with the aim of securing the supply of research and diagnostic facilities. 

During the second half-year in particular, large increases in sales revenues were achieved with COVID-19 related products, above all in the USA and Europe. However, although falling raw material costs bolstered the business result, international transport logistics resulted in high additional costs.


2016 – 2020, figures are given in EUR millions

   2016  2017  2018  20192020
 Turnover 452.0 473.0  473.0 509.0693.0

“Our contribution to overcoming the pandemic lies in the daily supply of reliable products of COVID-19 relevance.”

Rainer Perneker, CEO Greiner Bio-One International GmbH