Informational Articles

27. May 2021

Cell Culture 101: Uses, Techniques, & Best Practices

Cell culture is a process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions in a laboratory. Cell cultures have been used to study cells for...

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17. May 2021

Butterfly Needle Uses, Advantages, and Limitations

The butterfly needle is one of the most common, versatile, and popular medical devices used across various medical and healthcare professions....

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19. April 2021

The Top 5 Phlebotomy Basics to Know

Over time, proper phlebotomy has become continuously more important in the process of making medical decisions. Long-standing best practices are...

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18. January 2021

5 Tips for Improving Laboratory Efficiency in 2021

Inefficiencies in the workplace have real-world consequences. Inefficiencies cause delays, increase costs, and –– in general –– have a negative...

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