Safety Butterfly Needles For Blood Draw: Uses & Buying Guide

What is a “Butterfly Needle?”

The “butterfly needle” is a blood collection device commonly used in hospitals, physician's offices, and dentist's offices to collect blood from patients safely and effectively for laboratory testing. The trademarked name for butterfly needles manufactured by Greiner Bio-One is the VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set.

This type of device is often referred to as a “butterfly needle” because of its unique design, which includes a ‘wing’ on each side of the body. However, the VACUETTE® version of a butterfly needle, or VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set, has additional features that make it one of the safest blood collection devices on the market.

In addition, the VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT butterfly needle is now available. The VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT is ergonomically designed and intuitive to use. It consists of a winged needle with a safety mechanism, which is suitable for one-handed use due to its special design. By activating the safety mechanism when the needle is still in the vein, needlestick injuries are largely eliminated. It also has an extra-thin needle wall in the 21G and 23G options that has a positive effect on flow rate and thus the duration of blood collection/infusion.

What butterfly needles are available from Greiner Bio-One?

The VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set or VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT may be purchased online or through an Account Manager and comes in a variety of tubing lengths, needle gauges and holder combinations including:

·         Tubing Lengths

o   4 inch

o   7.5 inch

o   12 inch

·         Needle Gauges

o   21G butterfly needles

o   23G butterfly needles

o   25G butterfly needles

·         Holder Combinations

o   Butterfly needles with standard holder

o   Butterfly needles with blood culture holder

 EVOPROTECT Infusion Sets


Some of the most commonly purchased products can be found here:


Product Description


Tubing Length


Safety Blood Collection Set with Luer Adapter


12 in


Safety Blood Collection Set with Luer Adapter


12 in


Safety Blood Collection Set with Luer Adapter


12 in


Safety Blood Collection Set with Luer Adapter


7.5 in


Safety Blood Collection Set with Holder


12 in

450125 EVOPROTECT Blood Collection Set with Holder 23G 7.5 in
450130 EVOPROTECT Blood Collection Set with Luer Adapter 23G 12 in
450120 EVOPROTECT Collection/Infusion Set 21G 7.5 in



How can I learn more about this product?

Greiner Bio-One prides itself on being a top provider of educational and training materials on butterfly needles and their proper use. Click on any item below to download.