Safety Butterfly Needles For Blood Draw: Uses & Buying Guide

Safety Blood Collection Set


What is a “Butterfly Needle”?

The “butterfly needle” or VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set is a blood collection device commonly used in hospitals and clinics to collect blood from patients safely and effectively for laboratory testing.

This type of device is often referred to as a “butterfly needle” because of its design, which includes a ‘wing’ on each side of the body. However, the VACUETTE® version of a butterfly needle, or VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set, has additional features that make it one of the safest blood collection devices on the market.

What butterfly needles are available from Greiner Bio-One?

A range of VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Sets are available and come in a variety of tubing lengths, needle gauges and holder combinations. Variations include:

Tubing Lengths:

  • 7.5 inch
  • 12 inch

Needle Gauges:

  • 21G butterfly needles
  • 23G butterfly needles
  • 25G butterfly needles

Holder Combinations:


Some of the most commonly purchased products can be found here:

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