The new trends supporting labs and lab workers in 2023

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Digitization and automation continue to offer solutions to the abiding challenges facing healthcare. The optimization of the working lab space also provides a more analogue approach to supporting efficiencies. We look at these and other trends gaining momentum in 2023.

Trend 1

Automation and the potential for remote working

Automated instruments now allow time for existing personnel to train in moderate to high complexity tasks. A lean and agile approach continues to yield efficiencies in workflows while adapting quickly to surges in demand. Digitized records and systems can be accessed remotely.

The wider conversation involves looking at the larger multidisciplinary team and asking whether migration to more automated functions will outweigh conventional recruitment drives. Many professions are failing to attract skilled personnel. Could digital, remote adoption perhaps attract these specialists once automation and integration has matured?

Trend 2

Artificial Intelligence

Being able to crunch large data sets and find hidden links between diseases, pathologies, hereditary factors and environment is a new frontier for medicine. With machine learning and neural networks, identifying areas for preventative action and shared efficiencies could save resources in the short, medium and long term.

Trend 3

Lab design layout

Optimizing the workspace is a trend gaining momentum across labs. Modular instruments and functions, such as gas, vacuum and air delivery can be connected to work benches and moved around, feeding into a collaborative and agile approach to a flexible working environment. “Wet lab” processes are seeing automated instruments replacing work benches.

Trend 4

Workplace safety culture

Protecting all workers in every aspect of their welfare while protecting patient safety has drawn renewed awareness, aligned with the efficiencies that all healthcare organizations are exploring after the global pandemic. A safety-focused culture offers attractive cost benefits by reducing the likelihood of injury, infection, and liability. This extends to products, workflows and environments that prioritize safety for the nurse, lab technician and patient, minimizing error and keeping everyone healthy.

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