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The Greiner group is a family-owned company and has strong values based on trust and respect. To ensure continued success and growth in the 21st century, the Greiner group needs to preserve the trust and respect of our customers, business partners and employees and to answer the general call for values.

This requires more than just offering good products and services; the companies of the Greiner group also need to act responsibly for the future of our planet. This has led to the development of the Blue Plan, with which all the Greiner divisions, including Greiner Bio-One, are aligned. See Greiner Sustainability - Blue Plan for more information.

Greiner’s Code of Conduct

The core of the Blue Plan is Greiner’s Code of Conduct, which sets out not just the basis for the actions of the Greiner group as a responsible corporate group in accordance with national and international norms, but also Greiner’s expectations of suppliers and business partners (Greiner Sustainability - Suppliers). 

This means that Greiner Bio-One’s partners must be equally committed to ensuring the economic, social, and environmental sustainability in their business transactions, ranging from working towards a circular economy to ensuring ethical treatment of workers.

The Greiner group joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) back in 2021 as a sign of their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement. The targets were approved by the SBTi this year and as detailed in the Blue Plan, aim to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 60% before 2030 compared to the base year of 2021, as well to reduce absolute scope 3 by 25% within the same timescale.

This requires careful choices to be made with business partners, and to this end, the Greiner group has committed to a target of 80% of suppliers, based on emissions covering purchased goods and services, having Science Based Targets by 2027. Suppliers should also have a good Ecovadis rating. The Greiner group itself has a gold medal for their Ecovadis rating, putting Greiner and all divisions among the top 5% of companies (see Commitment to sustainability awarded with Gold (

Optimized product carbon footprint

In terms of both product care and development, Greiner Bio-One continuously monitors possible actions for reducing the negative effects of a global manufacturer on the environment and has already managed to make quite an impact. For example, in a recent project developing a new urine cup, by simply eliminating the individual plastic blister pack and ensuring sterility instead by means of an integrity label, 1.7 million metres of plastic film, amounting to 15 tonnes in weight, could be saved, based on a consumption of 10 million cups.

Read more about this here Greiner Bio-One launches new urine cup on the market (

All new product developments take into consideration an optimized product carbon footprint from the point of conception, whether this can be from a packaging standpoint, in the raw materials or production methods, or the supplier’s specifications and location. High value is placed on sourcing raw materials as close to the manufacturing location as possible.

Taking the monitoring of existing products as a further example, the standard tube holder range is currently being streamlined to just one packaging version, resulting in a 73% plastic film reduction and fewer cartons, which, based on the same consumption of 10 million pieces, corresponds to a reduction of 6 tonnes of CO2eq emissions.

Collaboration with the Greiner Bio-One Customer Advisory Board

Greiner Bio-One works closely together with customers and understands their needs. There is regular collaboration with the Greiner Bio-One Customer Advisory Board, consisting of laboratory directors, leading clinical chemists, chief scientific officers, and a number of other specialists in their fields from across the world. Annual advisory board meetings are held to discuss current trends in the healthcare sector, such as digitalization or sustainability at the latest meeting, as well as to listen to the professional concerns of the advisors and get their highly qualified feedback on product ideas in the pipeline.

One aspect that all experts agree on is the need for a thorough grounding in using medical products. It is crucial to have a good understanding of what contributes to a quality blood sample, and what negatively affects a sample, such as, how is haemolysis caused? Being able to use Greiner Bio-One’s products optimally means not only safety and comfort for the patient, but limits waste in the workflow by increasing chances of first stick success and by preserving sample quality. A repeated stick and new sample tube means an unnecessary direct increase in contaminated waste. It is a priority for Greiner Bio-One to ensure that training is provided to our partners and customers as required and as such, that there is a strong network of application specialists across the globe, actively involved in converting new customers, providing tailor-made training in the art of venepuncture to existing customers, or guiding partners by means of online training.

Safety and value, it’s in our blood

Protecting patients, clinicians and accuracy are topics to be covered in more detail here in the coming months. To ensure you don’t miss out, subscribe to the series here.

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