Ethics, that go much further.

We take responsibility for people and the environment. In this way, we ensure responsible corporate governance, act in accordance with the applicable principles and legal regulations, and comply with applicable standards. External evaluations broaden the view of our activities and show us where we can potentially improve as well as where we have been successful.

Responsibility in the upstream supply chain

From a holistic perspective, sustainability starts with the selection of our suppliers. That is why we have developed a Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners that requires compliance with social, environmental and ethical policies and principles. Our aim is for our suppliers and business partners to act just as responsibly as we do. This includes, for example, compliance with human rights and legal regulations, safe working conditions, protecting the environment, and the efficient use of energy and resources. The Code of Conduct – or equivalent code – must be signed by all new suppliers and business partners and is also required from all existing ones.

We also have a sustainable sourcing policy with the aim of ensuring that employees working in purchasing apply social, ethical and environmental principles when procuring goods and services. Our aim is to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct and to motivate our suppliers and business partners to themselves act sustainably.

Company-wide compliance system

Our aim is to ensure legally compliant conduct in all internal and external business  activities. The Greiner group set up a comprehensive  compliance system in 2012 to ensure compliance with legal regulations and to increase employees’ awareness of legally and ethically correct conduct.

Our activities include a preventive risk management system, a compliance management system with appropriate organization, the Greiner Code of Conduct for employees, an extensive online training system and a whistleblowing platform for reporting violations and suspected violations. Our sites are also ISO 37301-certified.

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Certifications and transparency through external assessments

All Greiner Bio-One production sites are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified. Mediscan is EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 11137-1-certified at all its sites, has a GSG certificate at its Seibersdorf (AT) site and is authorized to sterilize medicinal products in accordance with the EU GMP Directive. The production site in Frickenhausen (DE) is also ISO 14001 and ISO 50001-certified. Greiner Bio-One aims to have other sites certified in the areas of environmental and energy management.

Greiner has its climate footprint assessed in the categories of climate, water and forest by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). CDP reporting is performed annually by Greiner AG and covers the entire Greiner group.

Since 2022, Greiner Bio-One has been having its sustainability activities for the entire Greiner Bio-One group evaluated according to international sustainability standards using the EcoVadis evaluation platform. The evaluation is based on 21 indicators in the areas of environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. The resulting scorecard shows the results of our sustainability efforts.

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3 sustainability action areas at Greiner Bio-One.

At Greiner Bio-One, we see sustainability as an overarching goal to be achieved through activities in three action areas: environment, people and ethics. The boundaries between these action areas are inherently fluid. What is important is the holistic view of all our company’s areas of influence, so that we can move closer to our goal, a sustainable future for us all, with each individual step.

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