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Company name: 
Greiner Bio-One Co., Ltd.

PMO Uchikanda Building 2F
1-14-10 Uchikanda   
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0047, Japan

Phone: 03-5843-9159
Fax: 03-6275-0546
E-Mail: [email protected]

Commercial Register Number: 9010401008590

Competent supervisory authority (if the business requires a license): 


Type 2 medical device marketing license

License authority:Governor of Tokyo

Notification of sales/rental of medical device

Notified authority : Chiyoda Ward Chiyoda Public Health Center

“Kitakanto Logistics Center”

Registration of medical device manufacturer

Registration granter:Governor of Gunma

Notification of sales of medical device

Notified authority:Ota Health and Welfare Office

Value added tax identification number (VAT Number): T9010401008590

Managing Director: Representative Director & President, Hiroyuki Odaka, MBA

Amount of share capital: 180,000,000JPY

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