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Safe blood collection

Go with the safety flow

We have designed every aspect of our VACUETTE® safety products with the needs of the nurse, the patient as well as the laboratory staff in mind. We know that in addition to increased safety and patient satisfaction, smoother workflows provide real value for a hospital.

Whether you are working on a hospital ward or in a laboratory, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Feeling safe in your work, whilst being able to rely on your choice of quality product, can push confidence and boost productivity. By using a reliable product for your blood draw, you can trust that the basis for accurate data is created.


The safety blog

We understand the needs and demands of our customers. From the nurse who makes sure their patients are comfortable every day, to the people who make the decisions about the right products for their organisations. Our Safety Blog has a lot to say about the big issue of safety and the overall value for the organisation that can be added by addressing it. 


Needlestick injuries - still a big risk

Injuries due to contaminated puncture devices are still the most frequent cause of accidents in hospitals. This is a significant source of danger for many employees in the healthcare industry.

The aftermath of an infection can have far-reaching effects on both the career and the personal circumstances of the affected person and his/her family, with social as well as financial consequences. 

We provide support with expert knowledge and information relating to the applications of our products. Find out about our current modules and book your individual training.

Safety and value, it’s in our blood

Protecting patients, clinicians and accuracy are topics to be covered in more detail here in the coming months. To ensure you don’t miss out, subscribe to the series here.


Discover our products

Greiner Bio-One offers a wide range of innovative safety products for different requirements which our customers can choose according to their needs and field of application. In our product family section you will find comprehensive information.

Learning by playing

The safe blood collection quiz

Chase for the high score – have fun and learn at the same time. Click in now and take part in our quiz. 

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