Greiner Bio-One webinars

Greiner Bio-One verzorgt enkele keren per jaar educatieve en kostenloze webinars voor BioScience en Preanalytics klanten en professionals in het veld. Deze webinars worden opgenomen en beschikbaar gesteld aan onze klanten voor toekomstig gebruik. 

Let wel, op verzoek van onze sprekers zijn de opnamen van Preanalytics webinars maximaal 7 dagen beschikbaar na de live uitvoering ervan. Indien beschikbaar, zullen deze opnamen hier worden vermeld. 

Cell Based Assay and Tissue Reconstruction in ThinCert Cell Culture Products

Ethical, scientific and financial concerns lead to an increasing importance of cell based assays and three-dimensional cell cultures in lieu of live-animal experimentation. With respect to these developments, ThinCert™ cell culture inserts with porous PET membranes are significant because they form a two-compartment system to readily mimic a variety of in vivo situations, such as:

1.  Cell migration and invasion,

2.  Interaction and communication of physically separated cell populations (co-culture)

3.  Trans-epithelial transport,

4.  Tissue growth and differentiation at the air-liquid-interface.

This presentation provides detailed insight in the different application fields of ThinCert™ cell culture inserts. Hints for the individual experimental design and the selection of the appropriate insert type are given.

22. maart 2018, 11:00, Eastern

Gepresenteerd door :
Sven Muhlfriedel Ph.D.

Taal :

Preventing Specimen Rejection in the Collection of Non-Blood Samples

During the course of this 60 minute, P.A.C.E.® accredited webinar, attendees will achieve the following program objectives:


1. Identify best practices in collection of non-blood specimens.

2. Review situations resulting in rejection of non-blood specimens.

3. Explain the potential patient impact caused by inadequate specimen collection.

15. maart 2018, 13:00, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Gepresenteerd door :
Beth Warning

Taal :

Sample Storage Tubes as Quality-Critical Components in Biobanking

Biobanks store biological samples and associated data to make them available for clinical studies as well as research on biomarkers, personalized medicine and public health. The paramount goal of Biobanking is the preservation of sample integrity during all steps of sample collection, processing, storage and delivery; hence, factors influencing the sample quality during these steps need to be understood and controlled.  Register for a 60 minute webinar discussing the following topics in regards to the effects of storage tubes in biobanking. 


  1.          cleanliness of tube raw material,
  2.          tube closure systems and their suitability for long-term storage,
  3.          biomolecule adsorption onto the tube surface,
  4.          datamatrix codes for tube identification,
  5.          quality of the datamatrix barcodes,
  6.          guidelines for good practice in Biobanking.

31. mei 2017, 15:00, CET

Gepresenteerd door :
Sven Mühlfriedel, Ph.D.

Taal :

UV/VIS Spectroscopy in Microplates

Greiner Bio-One will provide a one hour long webinar series entitled "UV/VIS Spectroscopy in Microplates" with Dr. Rainer Heller. Dr. Heller will discuss the following topics:


  1. Basics of UV/VIS Spectroscopy
  2. Colorimetric Measurements
  3. Enzyme Activity
  4. Special Case: ELISA
  5. Determination of DNA Concentrations


Date:- December 15th

Time:- 11.00am Eastern

Duration:- 1 hour

15. december 2016, 11:00, Eastern

Gepresenteerd door :
Dr. Rainer Heller

Taal :