Greiner Bio-One’s Preanalytics division focus’ on primary specimen collection for clinical applications and includes the VACUETTE® evacuated blood collection system and needle safety devices.

Greiner Bio-One’s BioScience division ranks amongst the leading providers of specialised products for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures, as well as microplates for high-throughput screening. We have developed as a leading technology partner to academia, research establishments, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries on a global basis.

The Diagnostics division, focuses on the diagnosis of infections such as sexually transmitted diseases, hospital bacteria and the safety of vaccines produced by the pharmaceutical industry. The division specialises in the development of novel molecular diagnostic tools using the unique DNA fingerprint of differing infections. These technologies allow for high throughput, automated diagnostics through to ‘point of care’ devices in hospitals and doctors surgeries.

Greiner Bio-One is an established long standing global OEM partner, offering state-of-the-art injection moulding processes, surface technologies and modifications as well as assembly, sterilisation and packaging solutions.

We offer everything from the branding of an existing GBO product to unique, customised solutions. Our high standards and cutting edge quality management systems apply throughout the service cycle, no matter how large or small the project.

The middleware concept from Greiner eHealth Technologies deals with pre and postanalytical processes and offers increased security for patients, more efficient workflows, a higher level of standardisation, and transparency at all stages. We will support you through a process of change that is unique on the market, moving successfully from ‘GeT Perfect‘ to ‘Be Perfect‘.