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Your leading global partner in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and in the world of research.

  • Webcast: Magnetic 3D Bioprinting

    Highlights 1/4

    Webcast: Magnetic 3D Bioprinting

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  • Scale-Up Your Cell Culture

    Highlights 2/4

    Scale-Up Your Cell Culture

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  • Sapphire Pipettes

    Highlights 3/4

    Sapphire Pipettes

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  • NEW: Cryo.s™ with Datamatrix and Linear Barcode

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    NEW: Cryo.s™ with Datamatrix and Linear Barcode


    Our well-established Cryo.s™ with Datamatrix code will be also available with an additional linear barcode as of now.

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Applications & Products

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The Preanalytics business division manufactures and distributes pre-analytical products for the collection and processing of sample material (blood, urine and saliva) for analytical purposes.

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The Greiner Bio-One BioScience division manufacturers and distributes solutions for cell and tissue culture, high throughput screening, immunology, microbiology, liquid handling and molecular biology.

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The Diagnostics division specialises in the development of new molecular-biological analysis methods based on DNA arrays.

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The OEM division custom-produces a range of polymer products: from development and the production process to the finished product.

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Greiner eHealth Technologies

GeT deals with pre and postanalytical processes and offers increased security for patients, more efficient workflows, a higher level of standardisation, and transparency at all stages.



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