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As a global leader in medical technology, Greiner Bio-One is committed to improving people’s health. At the same time, the company is taking important steps towards creating an attractive and safe working environment. Therefore, the activities focus on employees, users and patients as well as the well-being of society.

Occupational health and safety

Health is the motivation for our daily work in all areas. That is why, Greiner Bio-One is taking extensive measures to support the physical and mental health of its employees and to create a safe working environment.

The aim of the 'MotivateMe' initiative at the Monroe site (USA) is to motivate employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and to contribute to the early detection of illnesses. The programme includes a wide range of activities, such as health checks, preventive medical check-ups, health advice, healthy eating, sport and vaccinations. The participating employees collect points when they achieve their chosen goals and receive a bonus at the end of the year. Thus the initiative also strengthens the employees' health awareness.

Shift work is particularly demanding for employees in the production environment. With shift fit programmes at our Austrian site, the company provides shift workers with the personal skills required to stay healthy and minimize the burden of this working model as much as possible. In the training sessions, employees gain important knowledge about sleep quality, social and mental health, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness for shift work.

Together with physiotherapists and employees in the production environment, in Austria we are working on identifying and correcting potential problems that could lead to physical strain in the workplace.

Since 2011, a seven-strongsafety committee has been carrying out monthly inspections to ensure that there are no potential hazards on the premises and has been tracking safety measures at the Chonburi (TH) site. Clearly visible display boards also show work accidents and accident-free times to all employees and encourage safety awareness.

Employee development and working environment

Our dedicated employees’ knowledge and skills have made Greiner Bio-One an internationally successful company and, at the same time, they form the basis for our future survival. It is therefore even more important that we offer our employees an attractive working environment, are responsive to their needs and help them reach their potential. At the same time, our incentive is enabling further development and enabling our employees to develop both their professional and personal skills.

Greiner Bio-One trains young people who want to learn a technical profession in Austria, Germany, USA, Brazil and Thailand. Depending on the location, the roles trained include plastics technicians, machine and system operators, tool mechanics and chemical laboratory technicians.

Greiner Bio-One offers its employees a wide range of training opportunities, for example through its internal Greiner Academy or through external training courses. These range from professional and individual training courses to company-wide further education programmes through to management training programmes.

In addition to the regular two-year vocational machine and system operator course, Greiner Bio-One Frickenhausen (DE), together with educational (GARP) and business (Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Employment Agency) institutions, launched a new further education programme for this profession starting in March 2022. Existing employees can complete a course that provides them with technical training and further education for their job in just five months and on full pay.

As part of our group-wide GEMs program (Greiner Expert & Management Succession), critical key positions in the company are identified and succession regulations reviewed. The programme also facilitates the structured development of potential, which is assessed in regular staff appraisals.

Safety for patients and users

The products produced by the Preanalytics business division often come into contact with human sample material.

As blood is a potentially infectious sample material, we have set ourselves the goal of making daily routine work as simple and safe as possible for medical staff. The BioScience division's products are, for example, used in research and thus contribute towards medical progress.

Corporate social responsibility

Greiner Bio-One supports local and regional organizations that are committed to public well-being. These include educational and scientific training institutions, non-profit health institutions and associations, volunteer organizations and sports clubs. We also support scientific exchange in the healthcare and life science sectors through our participation in scientific congresses and networks.

Greiner Bio-One has been supporting the non-profit association “Geben für Leben – Leukemiahilfe Österreich” [Give for Life – Leukaemia Support Austria] since 2021. When treatment or chemotherapy no longer help, a stem cell donation to people with leukaemia or other blood disorders is often the last hope for recovery. This is where the mission of “Geben für Leben” comes in, namely finding life-saving stem cell donors for these ill people. This is only possible if as many healthy people as possible are typed with a cheek swab or blood sample and made available as potential donors. For a stem cell donation, the patient's “genetic twin” – in other words a person whose tissue markers perfectly match the patient’s body – has to be found. Since the start of the cooperation, Greiner Bio-One has financed 1,400 typing tests, donated blood collection products and organized typing campaigns with employees.

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Greiner Bio-One is delighted to have been partnering with Forest Green Rovers since 2022, described by FIFA as “The World’s Greenest Football Club.” Forest Green also became the first football club in the world to become 100% vegan – accredited by the vegan society – and to work with the United Nations to go carbon neutral. In 2018, it was recognized by the UN, receiving a “Momentum for Change” climate action award. The club play their home matches only a few miles from Greiner Bio-One’s UK facility. The partnership will see us support their community schemes including tackling loneliness, community meals, girls’ football, football camps, mental health talk club and more.

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Absolute sterility is a basic requirement for a lot of medical devices. As a sterilization service provider, Mediscan not only ensures the treatment of the products, but also works on its further development. The company examines and develops science-based strategies and requirements for safe product sterilization. The results of the research activities are regularly published in articles in renowned scientific journals.

3 sustainability action areas at Greiner Bio-One.

At Greiner Bio-One, we see sustainability as an overarching goal to be achieved through activities in three action areas: environment, people and ethics. The boundaries between these action areas are inherently fluid. What is important is the holistic view of all our company’s areas of influence, so that we can move closer to our goal, a sustainable future for us all, with each individual step.

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