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WEBINAR: Needlestick injuries - protect ourselves

Watch the webinar recording with our Application & Product Specialist Agnieszka Molas-Kilianek to get comprehensive information about safety and the risk of needlestick injury in daily working routine.  What we know from literature, where we implement changes and how you can protect yourself and your colleagues. 

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Standard Training Modules

In this course we will give you an overview about preanalytics. As you know there are many error prone steps within the preanalytical phase. Therefore we will discuss the importance of high quality sampling.

  • Biological/Patient-related influencing factors
  • Interference factors
  • Blood collection 
  • Storage / transport and delivery to the laboratory
  • Sample handling (centrifugation, …) prior to analysis

Greiner Bio-One has summarized the most up-to-date standards, guidelines and studies on venous blood collection for you, grouped into the most important stages. As basis for this we used the guidelines published by EFLM and CLSI as well as the Phlebotomy Essentials textbook. This led to the GBO Blood Collection Guidelines, which consist of 19 steps. We will go into each individual step, and together we will work through the handling of particularly difficult vein conditions. The follow-up course puts the theory into practice – The Art of Venipuncture / Practice.

  • Legal perspective of blood collection
  • Available standards (EFLM, CLSI, studies)
  • 19 steps of blood collection

Capillary blood collection is a significant alternative to venipuncture. The following module will demonstrate to you which puncture sites are suitable for which patient groups as well as what should be taken into consideration when preparing the patient. There are plenty of tips & tricks, which could help make capillary blood collection easier. We will also introduce you to the different types of lancet and cover all the advantages and disadvantages of each kind.

  • Patient groups
  • Processing capillary blood collection
  • Use of different lancets
  • Heel incision - WHO guideline

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How we support blood collection staff to satisfy the patient

At Greiner Bio-One, we understand the needs of our customers. For us, this means more than just equipping them with high-quality products for their daily work. Comprehensive training offered by experienced product experts, but also virtual support through  e-learning offer! In this article we give an exciting practical insight.

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