Editorial - Issue 4

Being strong together

Thank you for taking the time to read this, the fourth edition of our biological customer magazine and I hope that you will enjoy the exciting contents and gain some insights into the subjects that have kept us busy in 2020: the new coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) and sustainability in the field of medical technology and life science.

In the first part of our magazine, we provide you with an insight into the antibody test procedure and indicate the stages of this where Greiner Bio-One products can also play a decisive role. We have also been able to launch an important new product during the crisis: The virus stabilization tube. We interview Moritz Wiesbauer, Team Leader Physical Testing and Change Control at Greiner Bio-One, who answers questions on development and what the company can learn from the crisis.

“Within three weeks of the initial meeting, we were already able to make the first serially producted products available to an American customer. After just three weeks more, we were able to offer the current tube on the market and deliver the first products to our customers.”

Moritz Wiesbauer / Research and Development
Editorial - Issue 3

Safety when it matters

In our third issue of biological we would like to take you on a trip to Helsingborg in Sweden to the company Vigmed, which was taken over by Greiner Bio-One in 2017. This acquisition gave us the opportunity to include products for another field of treatment in our product range. Pernilla Sjödahl, International Product Manager, and Fredrik Thörne, Director of Research & Development, at Vigmed answered 10 exciting questions about the development and application of the products. Read more on pages 8-17.

Greiner Bio-One launched a new tube holder in 2018: the VACUETTE® SAFELINK holder with male Luer Lock. You can find out what makes this product so special on pages 18-21.

Starting on page 22, we will also focus specifically on the subject of the General Data Protection Regulation, which entered into force on May 25, 2018. Find out to what extent the healthcare sector is affected by this.

“All our products include our automatic (passive) safety mechanism, which requires no additional action by the user. We produce reliable, high quality, and cost-effective products for safe and successful catheter insertion. We take great pride in our production process, which has been honed to ensure consistent insertion parameters. ”

Pernilla Sjödahl / International Product Manager
Editorial - Issue 2

Blood. A priceless good

Did you know that just a few drops of blood are enough to perform a variety of analyses? Our current edition of biological therefore focusses on the simplest way of sampling: capillary blood collection. Learn what to pay attention to and how to successfully obtain a high-quality sample. Especially for this reason, we visited the very smallest of our patients: At the hospital's neonatal ward, where our MiniCollect® capillary blood collection system is used for sampling in children and neonates.

Since capillary blood is not suitable for all tests and some analyses require larger blood volumes, doctors and nurses sometimes need help to evaluate the most suitable veins – can the VeinViewer® product range provide a solution? Claire Wiesner and Andreas Mayr have answered interesting questions about a device that will save you a long search.

“The device uses harmless near infra-red (NIR), which is shone onto the skin. The haemoglobin in the blood absorbs the light and is reflected by the surrounding tissue. This information is processed by the VeinViewer® device, and is converted into an image which is then projected directly onto the skin in real time as a digital image by the LED light source.”

Claire Wiesner / Product Manager
Editorial - Issue 1

The dark side of sweetness

It took us a while to find a suitable name for our new publication, but we reached a decision in the end. 'biological' (the name) will do so much more than just tie in with our company's name. We have had a long time to build up extensive subject area knowledge, with over 50 years of experience as your partner in the field of biology and medicine. From now on, we would like to share this knowledge with you in our customer magazine.

biological will provide you with the latest findings on current topics and information about relevant innovative product developments – content designed specifically to appeal to you as a medical professional, laboratory researcher or academic. It was also important to include tips on how to get the best out of our products in the magazine.

The first edition of our new magazine will give you advice, information and tips for diabetes prevention and the megatrend that is E-health. A great deal of effort has gone into it so we hope you like the results!

“The GDM guidelines recommend using only collection tubes which meet preanalytical requirements regarding glycolysis inhibition when sending samples.”

Prof. Dr. Dieter Meißner
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