The multi-talented tube

Increasing sample throughput calls for flexibility in the laboratory. Both time and materials are valuable factors that need to be used with increased efficiency. 

Greiner Bio-One’s versatile and shatter-proof VACUETTE® SECONDARY Tube helps to make laboratory work easier and more efficient. A single tube for a wide range of uses. VACUETTE® SECONDARY Tubes are versatile and lend themselves to the aliquoting, pooling, freezing, storage and safe transport of samples.

The tubes are available in two packing types. The bulk-packed MULTIPLEX tubes are available in PP and PET versions, with or without a safety screw cap.

The non-ridged VACUETTE® SECONDARY SIMPLEX RD Tubes were developed for use with laboratory systems and are ideally suited to automatic aliquoting. 

They are provided in special, environmentally-friendly carton packaging. The tubes are stacked in alignment in the carton, allowing them to be easily and conveniently transferred to the storage container of the given laboratory system.

The SIMPLEX RD tube was tested by Roche PVT GmbH, which certified their compatibility in September 2016. The testing was performed using the cobas p 612 and cobas p 612 (LCP1) systems.

The following item number was certified: 

Item No.Description
459020 VACUETTE® SECONDARY Tube SIMPLEX RD PET 13x75 mm without cap, non-ridged

The ideal aid for the transport, centrifugation and storage of samples.

Thanks to their resistance to cold, the VACUETTE® SECONDARY Tubes are also ideally suited to the freezing of samples. The plastic material is inert and does not react with other substances.