The new VeinViewer® Vision2 – Innovation in Visualization

Finding a suitable vein is the essential requirement for successful blood collection or placing an IV line.The innovative VeinViewer® technology offers you the perfect solution.


The VeinViewer® models in comparison:

Universal modeXX
Fine detail modeXX
Inverse modeXX
Near perfect vein width - "TrueView" technologyXX
Head to toe assessmentX


Depending on skin tone and lighting conditions you can choose with Tricolor your preferred image colour of white, green or yellow. The “TrueView” technology enables near perfect accuracy of vein width, accurate to +/- 0.06mm. With the flexible arm you can assess the system one-handed from head to toe.

The stable cart ensures safe mobility throughout the institute. Please refer to the Sales Guide for further details on the mentioned functions.

The new VeinViewer® Vision2 can be immediately ordered under the following item number: 


Item No.Description
890004VeinViewer® Vision2, contains 1 pc. Lithium Ion battery


You will find further information in our brochures:

Item No. 980920 - VeinViewer® Brochure - German version

Item No. 980921 - VeinViewer® Brochure - English version