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Magnetic 3D bioprinting, from organoids to fingerprinting cells in 3D using a 2D workflow

The growing push for 3D cell culture models is limited by technical challenges in handling, processing and scalability to high-throughput applications. To meet these challenges, use a magnetic 3D bioprinting platform to make routine cell culture and experiments feasible and scalable and gain fine spatial control in the formation of spheroids and more complex structures.

Learn about:

  • General technique of magnetic 3D cell culture and magnetic 3D Bioprinting
  • Key advantages of 3D cell culture over other techniques
  • Broad applications of 3D cell culture
  • Applications in immunobiology
  • Comparison between magnetic 3D cell culture and in vivo results in collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • HTS screening results in collaboration with Scripps Research Institute and Cold Spring Harbor

23. octobre 2019, 16:00, GMT

Présenté par :
Dr. Glauco Souza

Langue :

Preanalytical Preparation for Laboratory Inspection

During the course of this 60 minute webinar, attendees will achieve the following program objectives:

1. Identify the most common preanaytical deficiencies cited.

2. Describe how to prepare a pre-inspection readiness checklist.

3. Discuss development of tools to prepare for a successful inspection.

26. juillet 2018, 19:00, GMT

Présenté par :
Joslyn L. Pribble

Langue :

Cell Based Assay and Tissue Reconstruction in ThinCert Cell Culture Products

Ethical, scientific and financial concerns lead to an increasing importance of cell based assays and three-dimensional cell cultures in lieu of live-animal experimentation. With respect to these developments, ThinCert™ cell culture inserts with porous PET membranes are significant because they form a two-compartment system to readily mimic a variety of in vivo situations, such as:

1.  Cell migration and invasion,

2.  Interaction and communication of physically separated cell populations (co-culture)

3.  Trans-epithelial transport,

4.  Tissue growth and differentiation at the air-liquid-interface.

This presentation provides detailed insight in the different application fields of ThinCert™ cell culture inserts. Hints for the individual experimental design and the selection of the appropriate insert type are given.

22. mars 2018, 11:00, Eastern

Présenté par :
Sven Muhlfriedel Ph.D.

Langue :

Preventing Specimen Rejection in the Collection of Non-Blood Samples

During the course of this 60 minute, P.A.C.E.® accredited webinar, attendees will achieve the following program objectives:


1. Identify best practices in collection of non-blood specimens.

2. Review situations resulting in rejection of non-blood specimens.

3. Explain the potential patient impact caused by inadequate specimen collection.

15. mars 2018, 13:00, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Présenté par :
Beth Warning

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