Detecting even more viruses – in 9 hours rather than 5 weeks

New ViroInspect Rodent 2 test kit module identifies 11 adventitious viruses. Webinar with presentation for professional audience.

Frickenhausen, 24th May 2016 – Greiner Bio-One, a technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, will be using June′s international Viral Safety Conference in Cologne to present the second module of the ViroInspect test system it unveiled last year. The new ViroInspect Rodent 2 kit detects 11 adventitious viruses that can cause contamination during the production of biopharmaceuticals.

Second module identifies further viruses

Viruses that use rodents as natural hosts and often infect CHO cells can occur in biopharmaceutical production sites as contaminations during biofermentation. This endangers patients′ health. ViroInspect Rodent 2 is the second module in the Inspect product line and helps users meet all regulatory requirements related to product safety. ViroInspect Rodent 1 already identifies rodent parvoviruses, porcine circoviruses 1 and 2, and Vesivirus 2117. Rodent 2 now also enables rapid detection of certain noroviruses, rotaviruses, pneumoviruses and cardioviruses as well as betacoronaviruses, rubulaviruses, respiroviruses and orthoreoviruses.

Quick decision in just a few hours

ViroInspect Rodent 2′s innovative nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) provides a broad target panel for highly sensitive detection out of large sample volumes. The complete kit package comprises all steps from sample preparation up to result determination. High specificity is ensured by three selective levels (PCR, hybridisation and detection). Automatic evaluations and reports deliver clear-cut results that are easy to document. Virus detection and identification starts with extraction of genetic material and is completed within just nine hours – as opposed to conventional in vivo and in vitro tests, which require up to five weeks.

The microarray-based test kit includes sample preparation, extraction of genetic material, reverse transcription, microarray hybridisation and software-based evaluation, and is validated in compliance with ICH guideline Q2(R1).

Webinar presentation

Greiner Bio-One will be joining forces with British scientific publisher and conference organiser INFORMA PLC to present the product innovation to professional audience in a webinar at 3 p.m. CET, on 1 June 2016.

Participation is free, but prior registration is necessary and is possible via this link:


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