31. July 2020

Visualisation des veines avec VeinViewer®

Bénéficiez d'une technologie avancée de lumière dans l’infrarouge proche avant, pendant et après la ponction veineuse. VeinViewer® vous aide à...

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28. July 2020

Coagulation tests are used in assessing the prognosis of Covid-19 patients

With the level of incidence of thrombosis in patients admitted to hospital in severe condition due to the disease, coagulation tests such as...

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18. June 2020

Greiner Bio-One – A reliable partner in a crisis

In many areas of our daily life, plastic is seen in a negative light. However, the ongoing SARS CoV-2 pandemic has profoundly changed our...

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10. June 2020

Greiner Visor: Professional protection against COVID-19

The Greiner Visor is a high-quality face covering that provides professional protection against COVID-19. It shields the user against all types...

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