World Blood Cancer Day: Greiner Bio-One Supports Leukaemia Aid with 40,000 Euros

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Worldwide, one person contracts leukaemia every 35 seconds. On World Blood Cancer Day, 28 May, Greiner Bio-One is announcing its new cooperation with the association "Geben für Leben" and setting an example for leukaemia aid.

Kremsmünster, May 2021 – In Austria alone, three people are diagnosed with leukaemia every day. Often, they are children, because leukaemia is one of the three most common cancers in children. When chemotherapy and radiation no longer help, a stem cell donation is the last hope for recovery for people with leukaemia or other blood diseases. World Blood Cancer Day invites people to raise awareness and help people with the disease. There are many ways to support.

Cash and in-kind donations worth 40,000 euros

In April 2021, Greiner Bio-One entered into a new partnership with the Austrian association "Geben für Leben – Leukämiehilfe Österreich" (Give for Life – Leukaemia Aid Austria). The company makes cash and in-kind donations worth 40,000 euros. With this money, Greiner Bio-One finances about 900 typing tests for people who want to become stem cell donors for leukaemia patients. Furthermore, the company supports with products for blood collection, which are used during typing test campaigns. As a manufacturer of plastic products for medicine and life sciences, Greiner Bio-One is setting an important example for people's health with this partnership, in line with its guiding principle of making a difference.

“Now more than ever, we humans are united by the desire for perfect health. We at Greiner Bio-One have set ourselves the goal of making a difference for people's health. With the 'Give for Life' association, we have found a committed partner with whom we can make a significant contribution to people. We are excited about the new partnership and look forward to future joint actions.”

Rainer Perneker, CEO Greiner Bio-One International GmbH

Giving seriously ill people a chance at life

The association “Geben für Leben” can already look back on 20 successful years in which more than 100,000 people have been type tested and 255 life-saving stem cell donors have been found. The joint partnership will further support the association in its ambitious mission. Because finding a suitable stem cell donor is a difficult undertaking. Depending on the DNA type, the chances of a patient finding a suitable stem cell donor outside the family range from 1:500,000 to several million.

“We are looking forward to a good cooperation for the benefit of the many people concerned within the framework of the new cooperation.”

Susanne Marosch, Chairwoman „Geben für Leben – Leukämiehilfe Österreich“

Just a cheek swab or a blood sample away from saving a life

Anyone up to the age of 45 can be type tested and become a potential stem cell donor. A small sample is taken by means of a cheek swab or blood sample. From this sample, the HLA values of the DNA are analyzed in a laboratory and pseudonymized and entered into a worldwide database. From here, they can be retrieved and checked by specialists all over the world for matches to to their patients. In the event of a match, the typed person can give the sick person hope for a healthy life with their stem cell donation.

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