Ilke Panzer appointed new Greiner Bio-One Division Manager

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Ilke Panzer, Photo: © Greiner AG

Ilke Panzer (57) will succeed Manfred Stanek as CEO of Greiner Bio-One on February 1, 2024. Stanek had been the interim head of the medical technology division

Vienna/Kremsmünster, December 6, 2023 – Ilke Panzer will take over as head of Greiner Bio-One, Greiner’s medical technology division, with effect from February 1, 2024. She succeeds Manfred Stanek, who has been the interim head of the division since September 1, 2023, and who will return in full to his role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the holding company Greiner AG after the handover.

“We are delighted to have Ilke Panzer on board as our division manager. We were convinced by her impressive career at major US companies such as General Electric and Johnson & Johnson. She has considerable international sector experience but is also familiar with European culture. A real win for Greiner Bio-One!”

Axel Kühner, CEO of Greiner AG

Ilke Panzer (57) was born in Germany but pursued her career in the US, where most recently she worked as a freelance healthcare innovation consultant. With management experience at Assurance Laboratories LLC, BloodCenter of Wisconsin, and Johnson & Johnson, she has excellent knowledge of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. She began her career at General Electric, with roles including general manager for Global Ultrasound.

Panzer holds degrees in Engineering, Computer and Systems Engineering from the University of Connecticut and from the National Technological University in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has been a member of the Supervisory Board at the German pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier Sartorius AG since 2017. Ilke Panzer was born in Münster (Germany) and has lived in the US since her university studies She is married and will be based in Austria.

“Ilke Panzer combines solid industry expertise with an international vision and a focus on innovation. Her understanding of leadership and her values make her an excellent fit at Greiner. Thanks to her extensive management experience, she can continue to drive the success of our medical technology division”

Manfred Stanek, COO of Greiner AG and interim CEO of Greiner Bio-One

Fact Box

Ilke Panzer, Photo: © Greiner AG
  • Ilke Panzer (57) will succeed Manfred Stanek as CEO of Greiner Bio-One on February 1, 2024. Stanek had been the interim head of the medical technology division
  • Panzer has international experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and many years of management expertise
  • One of main goals of the designated CEO is continuing global growth, chiefly on the US market

“I am delighted by the trust placed in me and look forward to returning to Europe, both in my professional and in my private life. Greiner Bio-One successfully combines its international focus with its regional roots as a family company. My goal is to leverage the potential of Greiner Bio-One and make a significant contribution to sustainable growth”

Ilke Panzer

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