Greiner Bio-One looks back on a very successful financial year 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic dominated 2020, and Greiner Bio-One products played an important role.

Kremsmünster, May 2021 – With the rapid development of the VACUETTE® virus stabilization tube and an intense focus upon research and laboratory products of relevance to COVID-19, Greiner Bio-One is making a key contribution to the conquest of the pandemic. The careful management of production capacity and close cooperation with our customers constitute the basis for an extremely successful business picture.

Above-average business development in 2020

In 2020, Greiner Bio-One International GmbH generated a turnover of 693 million euros (+ 36%; FY 2019: EUR 509 million) and had 2,375 employees, 28 subsidiaries and numerous distribution partners in over 100 countries. Greiner Bio-One is part of Greiner AG, which is based in Kremsmünster (Austria).

The pandemic also affected the development of business

The development pattern was largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and there was also an intense focus upon the maintenance of international delivery capabilities and the best possible management of production capacity and the supply bottlenecks in the sourcing market. The beginning of the pandemic was marked in many countries by a reduction in hospital services to the treatment of emergency cases, the postponement of routine examinations and the closure of laboratories, universities and research bodies, which resulted in a business downturn. In response, Greiner Bio-One acted quickly with new products for the needs of the pandemic and created additional production capacity for items of relevance to COVID-19 with the aim of securing the supply of research and diagnostic facilities.


„Our contribution to overcoming the pandemic lies in the daily supply of reliable products of COVID-19 relevance.“
Rainer Perneker, CEO Greiner Bio-One International


International site expansions

The expansion of production at the Frickenhausen location in Germany was concluded, whereby the previous production area was increased by more than a third. The subsequent enlargement and modernization of the administration was also completed (spring 2021). An extensive location expansion project in Thailand has been completed involving the installation of a new high-shelf warehouse, which has trebled storage capacity, and the more than doubling of the production area.


The division can also look back on a successful year in the digitalization field. In the course of a joint project with Greiner eHealth Technologies, the GZO Spital Wetzikon became the first Swiss hospital to introduce a blood sampling process with fully digitalized support.

Greiner Bio-One. Making a difference. 

With a reworked corporate design and both a new purpose statement and slogan, Greiner Bio-One now presents itself with a modern image, which expresses what the division represents. Namely, that with passion and dedication its workforce seeks to provide life sciences and healthcare professionals with advanced and sustainable products and solutions, with the result that Greiner Bio-One contributes to the preservation of health.

Detailed information can be found in the Greiner AG Annual Report 2020

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