Greiner Bio-One expands CELLdisc portfolio to include versions with closed filling caps

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To make your cell culture even safer, we have developed closed filling cups (-CF1 / -CF2) for the CELLdisc in close cooperation with our customers.

Frickenhausen, March 2022 - Working in a highly regulated environment requires maximal security on sterility and hence a closed system for fluid transfer which excludes any opening of a cell culture disposable during cell cultivation. For such applications Greiner Bio-One has developed the new CELLdisc versions with closed filling caps. These consist of flexible USP class VI certified silicone tubes attached to the CELLdisc screw cap which can be safely connected to liquid reservoirs like media bags using the included MPC connector. The closed filling caps are preassembled with the respective CELLdisc and the entire disposable is sterilized as one unit, assuring maximal sterility, system integrity and highest customer convenience from the first moment.

Two versions are avialabale; single tubing (-CF1) or double tubing (-CF2). Furthermore, we have added an in-between variant with regular cap and with external filters (-EXF) to the product group. 

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