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As part of the company-wide design changeover, the website is now also being relaunched. Online from the end of July, the website has an attractive new look and offers numerous new features.

Kremsmünster, July 2021 – In addition to the completely new corporate design, Greiner Bio-One also presented the new slogan “making a difference” in October of last year. This punchy statement is intended to put across what Greiner Bio-One stands for and what drives the company. At the end of July, another step was taken towards strengthening the Greiner Bio-One brand: The launch of the new website. This has been given a new modern look to underline the positioning of the Greiner Bio-One brand as a further visual part of the corporate identity.

Modern, uniform design

The new design is clean and modern. It also ensures a high recognition value. The new website represents another major step towards standardising the company’s presence.

In addition to the logo, corporate colours, and typefaces, all style elements have been revised and redefined. This means that all advertising material and online presences have a new look. 

The website as the first customer touchpoint

In many cases, the website acts as the first customer touchpoint. This means that the customer comes into contact with the website before any other advertising material. This makes it all the more important to include an update of the website to the new corporate design and thus ensure a uniform image. In addition to design, usability is essential. It must be easy for the customer to use the site to find all the required information intuitively and without much effort. 

What’s new

Beside the many visual adjustments made in the context of the new corporate design, it was especially important whilst creating the new website, to ensure that all important information was visible at a glance, making navigation of the site as simple as possible. This is ensured, among other things, by the new four-level navigation bar, large banners, and colour-coded boxes, which contain further information. A holistic approach is taken – the customer receives all relevant information on products, news, webinars, and other topics at any time and on any page. The new colour scheme and the modern visual language further underline the attractive look.

Highlights and new features

When creating the new page, the main focus was on usability. The user can see at a glance where they can find the desired information and can reach it intuitively with the minimum number of clicks. Regardless of whether it concerns the purchase of a product, registration for a newsletter, or current company figures, the information you are looking for is displayed quickly. The “service” topic will be expanded further at a later date. With the help of a “Product finder”, the user will be shown all products relevant to them as well as the associated questions. 

The new ‘Spotlight’ area represents an additional feature. Here, interested parties can find an up-to-date and exciting overview of topics. 

The ‘Careers’ section provides space for international job offers as well as application tips and benefits. 

Greiner Bio-One has taken a global approach to the website. This means that all elements can be adapted in a country-specific manner and the content can be filled individually.

Have we made you curious? Visit the new website at “”

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