ViroInspect™ – Fast, Sensitive and Specific

Greiner Bio-One, a technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, has developed a new test system for the detection and identification of adventitious viruses. The innovative ViroInspect™ test kit will be unveiled in May at the European Microbiological Conference (ECA) in Prague. 

Extensive safety procedures are required to rule out viral contamination during biopharmaceutical production processes. Greiner Bio-One has come up with a kit that quickly and reliably tests biopharmaceutical products for the presence of adventitious viruses. ViroInspect™ detects viruses that are relevant in the context of current safety regulations and/or have caused contamination in the past. The system also identifies stable viruses without a membrane envelope that are difficult to remove and are used as model viruses in viral clearance studies. 

Prompt decisions as a result of fast data analysis In addition to short throughput times and high sensitivity, ViroInspect™ benefits from impressive specificity, robustness and repeatability. It analyses data extremely quickly and presents clear, precise results for a rapid decision-making process. ViroInspect™ is a modular test system that combines multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with microarray technology. It has been validated in compliance with the ICH Q2(R1) guideline (Validation of Analytical Procedures). 

The first module, ViroInspect™ Rodent 1, is a ready-to-use qualitative test kit for the detection of rodent parvoviruses, porcine circoviruses 1 and 2, and Vesivirus 2117. ViroInspectTM Rodent 1 supports integrated sample preparation, extraction of viral DNA and RNA, reverse transcription, PCR amplification, microarray hybridization and software-based evaluation. Internal controls enable the entire workflow to be monitored. The kit uses the same tried-and-tested platform as CytoInspect™, which is used for the detection and identification of mycoplasmas. 

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