Outstanding Training at Greiner Bio-One

At Greiner Bio-One, a leading manufacturer of plastic laboratory items, Bianca Schmidbauer applied herself in projects such as "TECHNOlino" or the "Girl's Day" in order to kindle a passion for science and technology among young children. The award-winner was also an active representative of the young trainees, and is now a member of the workers' council, trade committee, and the public relations board. In her free time, Bianca Schmidbauer assists with the youth program in her local music club.

"As a plastics processing company, we are delighted to have a young person as dynamic as Bianca Schmidbauer in our enterprise. We congratulate her for receiving this award," commented Managing Director Heinz Schmid. "Committed and qualified employees are the foundation of our success on the international market.“

Greiner Bio-One currently employs 13 trainees. Three have completed their training this year, two of which received commendations. On September 8th, 3 new trainees began their career formation at Greiner Bio-One in Frickenhausen. This year, two trainees began as process mechanics for plastics and rubber technologies, and one as a future toolmaker in the field of mould engineering.