Magnetic 3D Cell Culture Provides Promising Solution for Long Standing Issues with Saliva Based Stimulation Therapies for Radiotherapy-induced Xerostomia

Current saliva-based stimulation therapies are therapeutically limited by the presence of damaged secretory epithelia and nerves in the salivary gland. A potential solution to this problem was published in the journal Biomaterials. This work uses a Magnetic 3D Cell Culturing system from Greiner Bio-One to create a three-dimensional, innervated, secretory epithelial organoid model from neural crest-derived, mesenchymal stem cells.  To evaluate their capacity for epithelial growth and innervation, bioprinted organoids were transplanted into animals where they significantly stimulated epithelial and neuronal growth in damaged salivary gland.

This is the first report of a bio-functional, innervated, salivary gland-like organoid produced through bioprinting. This is an important step towards salivary gland regeneration needed for the development of an effective treatment of radiotherapy-induced xerostomia.

Further information regarding this breakthrough can be found online and in Biomaterials, Volume 180, October 2018, Pages 52-66, found here.

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