Greiner has acquired Eurofoam and we wish its team the warmest of welcomes!

It has finally been accomplished! For many years we have persistently attempted to make Eurofoam a full part of Greiner. In our hearts this was always the case, but now this also applies from a company law perspective and we are delighted!

Following the cork era, in the 1950s it was foam that triggered the launch of plastics processing at Greiner and it thus has long traditions. Over the years this also led to the addition of other business areas such as packaging, extrusion and medical technology, which form the basis of our current success.

The decision at the beginning of the 1990s to look for a partner in order to share the risks of expansion in Eastern Europe was at the time undoubtedly understandable and correct. Indeed, this cooperation has contributed to making Eurofoam what it is today; the best company in the European foam industry!

Nonetheless, in recent years the differences of opinion between the owners, Recticel and Greiner, regarding the direction that Eurofoam should take, became increasingly evident. Therefore, we believe that single ownership is the right choice for Eurofoam’s future development because it allows decisions to be reached more rapidly and with a sharper focus on Eurofoam’s interests.

Naturally, we are well aware that we find ourselves in extremely difficult times and the coronavirus is demanding a great deal from us all. In addition, from a current perspective any estimate of the medium- and long-term effects is absolutely impossible. However, one thing is clear. What if not a diversified family-owned company, which thinks in terms of generations rather than quarters, is better suited to master such a situation?

Our goal is to emerge from this crisis stronger and over a worthwhile working environment both for ourselves and coming generations. With Eurofoam Greiner has greatly enlarged its basis as one of the best global players in the foam market. We now aim to gradually grow further and thus become the world’s no.1 in this field.