Greiner Bio-One: Strategic Change in the Diagnostics Field

Greiner Bio-One Diagnostics GmbH, which is based in Rainbach im Mühlkreis, develops molecular analysis methods that enable bacteria and viruses to be clearly identified and diagnosed through their specific genetic fingerprint. “We sought to develop diagnostics as a new division. However, despite high spending on the development of new products, we have been unable to meet our targets. It has not proven possible to increase the sales of Greiner Bio-One Diagnostics in the past few years,” says Rainer Perneker, CEO of Greiner Bio-One International GmbH. Greiner Bio-One Diagnostics generated less than 1 percent of the total annual turnover of Greiner Bio-One in the past few years. Existing products that have already been fully developed – a rapid test for reliable analysis of cervical cancer risk, and products for vaccine safety and food analysis – will continue to be distributed by Greiner Bio-One.

Social compensation plan is being drawn up 

41 of the 55 employees at Greiner Bio-One Diagnostics in Rainbach were today registered with the Freistadt branch of the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) through the early warning system. “We are drawing up a social compensation plan for the colleagues concerned in conjunction with the works council. We will naturally seek to find employment for those concerned in other fields of Greiner Bio-One. However, that will be challenging owing to the very specific skills of the employees,” says Perneker.

Rainbach site is performing well

In addition to Greiner Bio-One Diagnostics, the site in Rainbach im Mühlkreis encompasses the pro-duction of preanalytics and bioscience products, with production playing the major role at the site. “We are highly satisfied with our current business performance at the Rainbach and Kremsmünster sites. At both sites, we are seeking to expand our staff and have made significant investments in our core business,” says Perneker.