Greiner Bio-One opens Site Expansion in Kremsmünster

Kremsmünster, October 20, 2017. Greiner Bio-One is on course for success and is continually growing. Today, guests from business and politics as well as employees and their families celebrated the opening of the expanded company building. The opening also coincided with the 25th anniversary celebration of the Greiner Bio-One Group’s headquarters in Kremsmünster. “We had reached the limits of our space capacity with the old building. But we have now expanded from about 2,000 m² to 5,900 m²,” said Rainer Perneker, Divisional Manager of Greiner Bio-One. During the 21-month project period, from the construction negotiations to move-in, the office and laboratory areas were nearly tripled under the direction of architectural firm Schmid+Leitner and now offer space for 185 workstations. A total of 10 million euros was invested in the expansion of the site. During the ceremony, Deputy State Governor Dr. Michael Strugl underscored the importance of flagship companies for Upper Austria as a business location. “I’m delighted that a leading international company such as Greiner Bio-One is continuing to expand its company headquarters here in Upper Austria. The medical technology sector is a promising growth market for the future with great investment potential. The investment by Greiner Bio-One is strengthening Upper Austria’s position as a destination location for medical technology. It will also create jobs and boost the competitiveness of our state.”

Improved workflows and communication

Employees moved into their new offices in the first two weeks of October. “The spacious, bright design of the offices, meeting rooms, and meet-up zones really makes a fantastic difference in my daily work,” said Doris Gintner, a Greiner Bio-One employee, of her new workplace.Departments that were formerly situated at a considerable distance from one another within a building, and sometimes even located at different sites, have now been merged at the organizational level into a single building. “This allows for optimized workflows, shorter communication channels, and greater efficiency during the implementation of projects. The laboratory will also be moved from Rainbach to Kremsmünster to leverage these same benefits,” said Perneker. 

Sustainable investment

The new company building stands out not just for its modern design, but also for its highly efficient use of resources. “We see taking active responsibility for people and the environment as one of our most important duties. If we want to continue to be successful in the future, we need to focus on sustainability in everything we do. This conviction is also reflected in the design and implementation of our site expansion,” noted Axel Kühner, CEO of the Greiner Group.