Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. Welcomes One Hundred Phlebotomy Professionals

Greiner Bio-One is a proud sponsor of the Laboratory Supervisor’s Bootcamp held by the Center for Phlebotomy Education. In 2015, with the attendees participating in this intensive three day training conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, Greiner Bio-One was able to invite all attendees from around the world to enter its doors and see first hand “How a Blood Collection Tube is Made”.


Approximately one hundred laboratory and phlebotomy professionals and decision-makers spent the evening touring the manufacturing facility, practicing phlebotomy techniques with VACUETTE® brand safety products, and discussing the issues facing healthcare today with peers in their industry.


Commenting on the event, Greiner Bio-One Director of Sales and Product Management, Kevin McGlinchey stated


“Greiner Bio-One wishes to extend an enormous thank you and to express our sincere gratitude to the attendees of the 2015 Bootcamp for Phlebotomy Supervisors and to the Center for Phlebotomy Education for taking the time to visit and tour our facility.  Everyone at our company truly enjoyed the experience and we are very appreciative of the opportunity to have met and interfaced with such an esteemed group of people who strive everyday to make a true, positive impact on the practice of phlebotomy and laboratory science”.


Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. is a privately held plastic manufacturing company located in Monroe, NC whose four divisions manufacture a variety of products for the medical and research fields. The manufactured products include plastic ware for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures, microplates for high-throughput screening related to drug screening, products for blood and specimen collection, tests for the detection of bacteria and viruses, as well as, custom-made products. As an international manufacturer with global reach, Greiner Bio-One provides the manufacturing, distribution logistics and product application support to the world’s largest hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations.


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