Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. Launches New Innovative CELLdisc™ Product for Mass Cell Culture

CELLdisc™ is a new multilayer device covering a range of cell culture surfaces from 1,000 cm2 up to 1 square meter. The innovative ergonomic design of CELLdisc™ provides a versatile system for the propagation of adherent mammalian cells from research scale to industrial batches.


In addition, a centrally located channel allows a uniform distribution of gas throughout the device. A support rim guarantees that the bottom layer of the CELLdisc™ does not touch the surface of the incubator. The compact and robust cylindrical device is ideally suited for automation and upscaling of mass cell culture.


CELLdisc™ has many features that make it an ideal product for cell growth including:


-        40% higher surface/volume ratio than conventional multilayer systems

-        Surface treatment for optimal cell attachment

-        Gas inlet and outlet equipped with filters

-        Easy accessibility due to wide opening port

-        Optimal ventilation through central gas support channels


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About Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc.

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