Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. and Nano3d Biosciences Innovate to Bring New 3D Cell Culture Technology to Space Exploration

In space, cell cultures spontaneously grow in three dimensions but in microgravity, routine manipulation of cell cultures is challenging. On earth, Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. uses magnetized cells, along with high-throughput Cell-Repellent Microplates from Greiner Bio-One to overcome many of the practical challenge of culturing cells in 3D to improve the reproducibility of experiments. This innovative system works together to assist physical manipulation of the growing cultures provides advantages to enhance experimental outcomes and facilitate the development of throughput systems for conducting high volume cell culture work at the International Space Station (ISS).


The Experiment

Magnetic Bioprinting technology created by Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. has been adapted to a wide range of applications. Here, it is applied to facilitate the handling of cells and cultures in a microgravity environment with the goal of improving the reproducibility of experiments performed at the International Space Station (ISS). The key objective for this project is to validate magnetic cell culturing and bioprinting as a universal platform for two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) cell culture in space.


This experiment will begin in March of 2017 and will conclude in September of 2017 having provided an opportunity for major advancements in understanding the proper steps to accurately work in a 3D cell culture environment in space.


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n3D is a privately held company based in the world famous Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX. The company specializes in developing products and providing services utilizing its magnetic 3D cell culture and 3D bioprinting technologies for drug discovery, toxicology, and life science research markets. Products and services are offered through direct sales and its distribution partner, Greiner Bio-One. For more information visit