Greiner Bio-One Employees Named to CLSI Expert Panel in 2018

Michelle McLean, who serves as the Senior Product & Clinical Applications Manager for GBO, has been named the Vice-Chairholder for this committee. Don Dunbar, who currently serves as a Product Specialist Team member, will serve as an advisor to the committee. Advisors to the expert panel are individuals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the subject area and are interested in actively supporting the efforts managed by the panel.

Some of the responsibilities of panel members include the preparation of project proposals, active participation in committee activities, reviewing and commenting on document drafts as requested, and in-depth knowledge in a technical field. Expert panels are established for various technical subject areas as determined by the CLSI Board of Directors. These panels identify consensus development projects, propose these projects to the Consensus Council, review proposals from other sources and advise the Consensus Council on suitability, and review and comment on consensus documents within their area of expertise.

Michelle McLean, Senior Product & Clinical Applications Manager

“I have participated in the CLSI consensus process for a number of years and taken part in the development of numerous documents. As the Vice-Chairholder of this Expert Panel, I am honored to have the unique opportunity to work with other experts in this area to ensure that laboratorians have appropriate guidance on all aspects of the preexamination process.”

Don Dunbar, Product Specialist 

“I absolutely love being a part of these committees and helping develop better documents and processes for end users in the field.  It is an honor to be on these committees with others in the field and different industries.  It is also rewarding to work with others from around the world to make a process/document better for everyone involved.”  

Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. is a privately held plastic manufacturing company located in Monroe, NC whose three divisions manufacture a variety of products for the medical and research fields. The manufactured products include plasticware for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures, microplates for high-throughput screening related to drug screening, products for blood and specimen collection, tests for the detection of bacteria and viruses, as well as, custom-made products. As an international manufacturer with global reach, Greiner Bio-One provides the manufacturing, distribution logistics and product application support to the world’s largest hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations. 


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