Greiner Bio-One & COVID-19: Product Availability and Resources

Our employees continue to work tirelessly to manufacture, ship, and order products and raw materials as fast as possible while maintaining the level of quality and sterility that is expected by our customers.

Please note the following items:

  • All office employees have been asked to work remotely and only those employees involved in the manufacturing process are in our building
  • Employees involved in manufacturing, shipping, and sorting have been provided with protective gear, hand washing and sanitizing stations, and are required to sanitize surfaces routinely
  • Our purchasing department is working closely with our local and global suppliers to ensure a constant stream of raw materials is being brought into our manufacturing plants and to increase the quantity of available products related to this crisis to ensure product availability
  • Greiner Bio-One North America is not experiencing any raw material, logistics, or manufacturing issues related to COVID-19. We ask that customers consider purchasing all products earlier than needed and/or communicating directly with your Greiner Bio-One Account Manager or Customer Service to place pre-orders to ensure that your supply needs are met

We appreciate your attention to this information. We are here to be your partner and support you at this time. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your order or future needs.

Note: Any facility in need of the Virus Stabilization Tube (VST) for the safe transport of COVID-19 samples is asked to please contact us directly by clicking here and completing the request form for additional information and samples. 

If you are in need of products during this crisis, please utilize the hyperlinks below for easy access.


For customer inquiries or product needs, please contact a Greiner Bio-One representative at [email protected]