For Immediate Release- Greiner Bio-One Encourages Student Retention Through Donations to the SEA Phages Program

The SEA-PHAGES program or Science Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science, is a two semester undergraduate program that aims to increase undergraduate interest and retention in the sciences by providing students with the ability to conduct hands-on, guided research in microbiology and molecular biology.

It is with great pride that Greiner Bio-One will provide high-quality serological pipettes for 2 months of this program as homage to those going through the program and choosing a career in the biotech field.

Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. is a privately held plastic manufacturing company located in Monroe, NC whose three divisions manufacture a variety of products for the medical and research fields. The manufactured products include plasticware for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures, microplates for high-throughput screening related to drug screening, products for blood and specimen collection, tests for the detection of bacteria and viruses, as well as, custom-made products. As an international manufacturer with global reach, Greiner Bio-One provides the manufacturing, distribution logistics and product application support to the world’s largest hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations. 

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