Vacuette Production Shift Supervisor

Job Title:

Vacuette Shift Supervisor


·  Supervise the shift operation of Vacuette Assembling to ensure that volume, cost and quality management standards are achieved. Minimum Production Goals are as follows:

Ø  Run Effeciency 93.5%

Ø  Machine Availability 82.5%

Ø  Quality Rate 98.5%

Ø  OEE 74.0%

Ø  Machine Utilization 96.5%

·  Plan and assign activities of production personnel, instruct employees and enforce company policy.

·  Qualification and training of shift personnel to gain complete understanding of procedures and documentation. Goal for all personnel is as follows:

Ø  Retraining of One Existing QMS Document Weekly

Ø  Training of New QMS Documents as Required.                    

·  Monitor working hours and attendance of shift personnel. Maintain Accuracy of Sentric Time Module Daily.

·  Assist with Trouble Shooting of production equipment to ensure that all goals are maintained.

·  Setup Up, Change over and Conversion of Production Machines in a timely fashion to meet goals.

·  Batch Record Review.

Ø  Goal: Clean Desk at Shift End

·  Issue QIR in case of non conformities at time of occurrence, detailed root cause investigation, and action which eliminates any risk in the process.

Ø  Goal: Reduce QIR’s By 10% based on previous year

Ø  Error Detection Rate >12hrs Maximun of 5

·  Analyze the performance of the machine operators and set goals as needed to maintain operation.

·  Ensure Shift overlap is used for communication, and to allow incoming operator assistant to start the shift in a quality mode.

·  Daily Shift communication to address problems and information, additionally communication must contain all metrics.

·  5S

Ø  Goal: Maintain 5S Layout in Production Area

Ø  Visual Boards are updated at Shift End

·  Monitor Production Process to Eliminate Recalls

Ø  Goal: Zero Recalls

·  Generate LTA report and perform root cause analyses.

·  Support development and improvement of processes.

·  Review and suggest improvement of QM documentation.

·  Perform Yearly reviews for shift personnel.

Ø  Goal: Reviews done prior to anniversary date.

·  Promote Teamwork, Maintain positive work environment and work relation to other departments.

·  Other duties as assigned.




·   Perform Set-up, Change over, Conversion and release of Production Order.

·   Sign Production Documentation

·   Initiate QIR Procedure

·   Sign Postings on Production Floor

·   Audit and sign time records.

·   Qualification and training of shift personnel.

·   Supervise and instruct shift personnel


Job Requirements:


·   High School Diploma/Technical School Preferred

·   Five (5) years experience with High Speed Automation Preferred

·   Five (5) years experience in Manufacturing Supervision.

·   Experience in ISO Environment, Focused on SOP’s, Testing Procedures, and Regulatory Audit.

·   Ability to learn specific technical processes within probation period.

·   Good Computer Skills Including Microsoft Office.

·   Excellent Verbal Communication Skills-Presentation Skills

·   Background in Lean Manufacturing, JIT, or Kanban

·   Skilled in Root Cause Analysis – Problem Solving – Analytical Skills.

·   Knowledge of Continuous Improvement Processes.

·   Experienced in Maintaining and Tracking Quality Rate and Scrap Rate.

·   Ability to Promote Team Work Environment.

·   Must pass pre employment requirements

Physical Requirements:

·   Must be able to stand, sit, lift for up to 12 hours.

·   Must be flexible to work any hours/shifts required.

·   Must have appropriate vision to perform detailed examinations of products.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, age national origin, veteran status, physical or mental disability or any other characteristics protected under applicable federal, state or local law.


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