Military Veterans

Military veterans are persons who have served or are serving in the armed forces. Their experience and skills can prove valuable to a company and provide a great asset for Greiner Bio One.

“I enjoy several things about my job. I enjoy the challenge of job. The technical nature of the job requires some complex resolutions. I enjoy being able to initiate change that leads to improvement. Our ideas are received well and often implemented. I also feel good knowing the products that we help create have a positive impact on many people.”

Tim Byrd – Injection Molding Set-up Pre-Analytics

Tim started at Greiner Bio-One in the Vacuette assembly area in 2008.  He worked his way up from an operator to a setup operator in the Vacuette area where he was responsible for setting up and troubleshooting high speed assembly machines. He seized an opportunity to move into the injection molding department in 2012 where he learned how to setup, maintain and troubleshoot high cavitation injection molds and the molding process. He currently leads one of our day crews in the injection molding area. He helps train and establishes daily expectations for each member of his crew. They work together to help run the department in an efficient manner. His crew is responsible for setting extremely high levels of quality and on time delivery for our internal and external customers. Something that Tim and his crew members can be proud of.” – Dan Low -  Production Manager Injection Molding Pre-Analytics