Vacuette Production Trainer

Job Title:

Vacuette Production Trainer


·   Create training plans according to regulations, company policy, Vacuette Objectives / Action Plan’s, guidelines and training needs for the complete Vacuette Production.

·   Create, coordinate, trainings for all Vacuette production staff

·   Organize and support new employee startup training.

·   Organize/document/monitor department training.

·   Training and helping new employees with introduction to job.

·   Monitor/Track/Investigate QIRs/Complaints and coordinate trainings based on information.

·   Maintain Vacuette Training Matrix.

·   Prepare all shift for customer and official audits (ISO, FDA, Customer and Internal)

·   Review and suggest improvements of QM Documentation.

·   Promote Teamwork, Maintain positive work environment and work relation to other departments.

·   Work closely with Vacuette Coaches to develop their ability to perform high quality trainings with Vacuette Operators.

·   Analyze the production and quality performance of Vacuette teams, generate report to management.

·   Full understanding of the manufacturing process of Vacuette Products.

·   Assist in root cause analysis investigations

·   Complete root cause analysis reports




·   Write training plans and ensure their execution.

·   Work according to safety regulation and guidelines

·   Prepare and monitor training for the department.

·   Revise production documents as the result of root cause analysis      


Job Requirements:


·  College education preferred.

·  Computer knowledge, MS-Office 2003 or above

·  ISO 9001 knowledge/experience a plus

·  Must have sufficient communication and writing skills

·  Manufacturing a plus

·  Excellent writing skills 


Physical Requirements:

·  Must be able to stand and walk for up to 12 hours

·  Must be able to lift up to 30 lbs

·  Must have appropriate vision to perform detailed quality inspection as outlined in SOPs and TPs.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, age national origin, veteran status, physical or mental disability or any other characteristics protected under applicable federal, state or local law


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