Customer Service Representative

Job Title:

Customer Service Representative


·   Customer order entry via SAP

·   Reserving product in SAP

·   Credit/debit memo requests entry in SAP

·   Handles customer service inquiries  and follows established procedures to provide answers and assistance. 

·   Inquiries of greater complexity are researched and presented to CSR level III, Team Leader or Customer Service Manager or referred to the appropriate internal experts for resolution.

·   Responsible for updating special customer parameters and requesting the Customer Service Team Leader to update the account in SAP when there are changes to the delivery address or contact information.   Gathers information needed to create a Customer Master account to be presented to CSR level III or Team Leader for setting up in SAP.

·   Daily reconciliation of sales orders

·   Performs daily job functions independently with readily available supervision.

·   Gathers & submits required paperwork to Quality for non technical customer complaints and return requests.




·   Sales order processing

·   Credit card processing

·   Reserves product in SAP

·   Processes credit and debit memo requests  and requests approval from Customer Service Team Leader or Customer Service Manager for credit memos.

·   Release credit limit in SAP for pre-pay customerss with credit card confirmation

·   Create invoices prior to daily batch run if needed


Job Requirements:


·   Previous customer service experience preferred

·   Computer skills necessary to perform data analysis and data entry

·   Effective written and verbal communication skills


Physical Requirements:

·   Must be able to sit or stand for up to 8 hours

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, age national origin, veteran status, physical or mental disability or any other characteristics protected under applicable federal, state or local law.


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