Mycoplasma Testing Service - Research Use Only

FAST RESULTS to drive decisions.


Knowing the source of contamination is key to preventing the further spread of a mycoplasma infection

Greiner Bio-One provides a service for the detection of mycoplasma in biological material via a PCR/microarray based rapid detection method which allows species identification of nine of the most common contaminants as well as a Yes/No detection of ALL mycoplasma species.


With Greiner Bio-One Mycoplasma Testing Service, you will not only know that you have a contamination... but also the culprit!


SpeciesHostSource of Contamination
Mycoplasma ArgininiBovine, Caprine, OvineSerum
Mycoplasma FermentansHumanLaboratory Personnel
Mycoplasma GallisepticumPoultryMedia, Cells
Mycoplasma HominisHumanLaboratory Personnel
Mycoplasma HyorhinisSwineSerum
Mycoplasma PneumoniaeHumanLaboratory Personnel
Mycoplasma OraleHumanLaboratory Personnel
Mycoplasma SynoviaePoultryMedia, Cells
Acholeplasma LaidlawiiBovineSerum

Key facts about our testing service: 

  • Part number 463090
  • PCR based/microarray test
  • Turnaround time: approximately 5 days
  • Sample material: cells, cell culture medium, cell culture supernatant
  • High sensitivity
  • Testing is performed in a GMP compliant laboratory

To place an order or for more information, please contact mycoplasmagbocom