Vacuette Basic Operator I - 2nd Shift (Monday-Friday 3pm-11:30pm) - Monroe, NC

Job Title:            

Vacuette Basic Operator


·         Operate Gel Machines and VM Final Assembly Machines

          as trained.

·         Equipment Efficiency and Run Efficiency must

          meet established goals.

·         Package Semi Finished Products

·         Maintain High Quality Inspections according to

          Valid Testing Procedures and Document Results.

·         Use Computerized Scale System and Manual

          Scale System with Basic Math.

·         Verify Correct Labeling and Lot Numbers according

          to DHR.

·         Understand Functionality and Trouble Shooting

          with Z-Point Computer Software.

·         Complete understanding of DHR, Production Order

          and Material List

·         Component Replenishment according to Bill of Material

·         All Written Communication and Forms must be Neat

          and Legible.

·         All GMP rules are followed

·         Complete understanding of Lot Number system and

          proper use of computerized lot documentation

          and manual lot documentation.


Authority, competences:


·         Adjust the Dosing and Vacuum equipment to maintain

          Quality Tolerances.

·         Check components to ensure they meet the BOM

          and quality standards prior to loading in Machine

·         Machine stop / interruption because of non-conforming  

          components – inform  shift supervisor or set up.

·         Perform Quality Inspection - In Process Control

·         Responsible for Scrap

·         Maintain Shift End Communication Between Shifts

·         Machine Issues Discussed with Shift Supervisor

·         Verify packaging material and lot numbers are correct

·         Weighing parts on Scale and Doing Basic Math

·         Gain understanding of SOP’s and TP’s.


Job Requirements:


·         High School Education or Equivalent preferred. Note: Must have High School diploma or equivalent for consideration of any promotional opportunities

·         Reading, writing, basic math

·         Manufacturing experience

·         Basic Computer Skills

·         Verbal Communication Skills

·         Must pass pre-employment exam/qualification test


Physical Requirements:

·        Must be able to stand and walk for up to 12 hours.

·        Must be able to lift up to 70 lbs.

·        Must be able to perform fast pace and detailed packaging


·        Must have appropriate vision to perform detailed quality

         inspection as outlined in SOPs and TPs.


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