Vascular Catheters - Key ingredients for a consistent and high quality production

Consistent products of high quality – what does that mean for CLiP® I.V. and SWiTCH arterial catheters – and why is it so important?

When placing a peripheral catheter there are a few things that are of uttermost importance for the user. The product should be easy to handle, the needle should be sharp and the blood flow prompt. Furthermore the product should always feel the same – no matter which gauge size you are using.

For CLiP® and SWiTCH this means that as a user, you should always be able to trust that the specific features of our products are consistent – giving you the high quality product that is so important for the efficiency of your procedure. Patients and their conditions may vary but our products must always remain consistent to give the user the confidence they need. Our products are designed for user and patient – to contribute to a safe and successful insertion.

An innovative and fully automated production helps us to secure this for our products.

Where are your products manufactured? 

We have a controlled outsourced production. That means that we have chosen the supplier of each critical unit in the production, such as the moulding tools and the assembly machines. Our I.V. catheters CLiP® Neo, CLiP® Winged and CLiP® Ported are manufactured at a state-of-the-art production plant in Asia. Our arterial catheter SWiTCH is manufactured at AMB Industri AB (AMB) in Sweden. AMB is specialised in production, including injection moulding, for the MedTech industry.

Describe your production process – what are the key success factors?

In addition to the carefully selected suppliers and collaboration partners we use and the fully automated process I would like to highlight the actual manufacturing and installation of production machines. We use Swedish-made machines (moulds and assembly) developed in collaboration with selected partners and installed and validated under the on-site supervision of Vigmed staff.

We have a built-in quality assurance system in our machines – a high technology inspection system – controlling all production parameters to perfection. In addition, we perform supervisory control of product functions such as penetration force, separation force, safety features and sterility. All to ensure consistency and high quality for all products reaching our customers.

Finally, in terms of sustainability and environmental issues, how does Vigmed contribute?

Our compact product and packaging design contributes to a small environmental footprint with low transport, handling, storage and waste volumes as well as low material consumption. This is cost effective for the customer, for us and not least for the environment. 

Anders Nordqvist, Production Technology Manager