New VACUETTE® CAT Serum Fast Tube

Coagulation takes just 5 minutes, giving the new VACUETTE® CAT Serum Fast Tube a major time-saving advantage over conventional serum tubes.

Fast coagulation increases quality and efficiency

The quality of a laboratory is frequently measured by how many samples can be processed within a given time. The indicator is the turnaround time (TAT), i.e. the time between an analysis being ordered and receipt of the results1. That time is radically reduced by using the VACUETTE® CAT Serum Fast Tube. Thanks to the short coagulation time of just 5 minutes, followed by centrifugation for 5–10 minutes, the analysis of key clinical chemical parameters can begin after just 10–15 minutes, allowing reliable results to be attained far quicker. That is a major time saving compared to the usual duration of 40 minutes when using conventional tubes.The added gel forms a stable barrier between the serum and the cellular components of the whole blood after centrifugation. The sample quality is better preserved thanks to the short coagulation time. Coagulation takes just 5 minutes, which virtually rules out post clotting in the laboratory. As a result, preanalytical errors are reduced and accurate values can be used for diagnosis.

Serum vs. plasma

“Owing to the fast turnaround time, plasma tubes continue to be used for many analyses. How-ever, determination of certain parameters on the basis of plasma is not appropriate for some tests,” says Dietmar Leichtfried, Team Leader Research & Development / Preanalytics at Greiner Bio-One. In some cases, incorrect values may result from the presence of anticoagu-lants or fibrinogen in the plasma tube. The use of serum is therefore indispensable in many cases.

VACUETTE® CAT Serum Fast for doctor’s surgeries

The tube also lends itself to use at doctor’s surgeries. Analyses that are performed on site can be evaluated more quickly, reducing waiting times for both the doctor and patient. Thanks to the short coagulation time, blood collection is also possible shortly before transport to the laboratory.

“The special tube additive”

The VACUETTE® CAT Serum Fast Tube is coated with a mixture of Blood Clotting Activator (BCA) and thrombin. Thrombin, as an accelerator, speeds up the coagulation process.