Greiner Visor: Professional protection against COVID-19

Advantages of the Greiner Visor:

  • Reduced risk of infection through liquid splashes and droplets, e.g. COVID-19
  • CE certified according to DIN EN 166
  • High quality materials, long durability
  • Clear view thanks to PC visor, comfortable for the eyes
  • Very easy and hygienic to clean
  • Simple, quick to assembly and easy to change visor
  • Extremely comfortable thanks to low weight
  • Good air supply, as the visor does not sit tight against head
  • Can be flexibly adapted to any head size

Plastic solution for reliable everyday protection
The face covering is an optimal solution for various lines of work:

Medical personnel
Providing Class 1 eye protection in accordance with DIN EN 166 standards, the Greiner Visor is ideally suited for use in hospitals. It offers the necessary protection for doctors and nursing staff, even when working in direct contact with patients infected with COVID-19.
It also protects researchers and analysts in laboratories.

Public authorities
Whether they be police, civil protection, or other official personnel, the Greiner Visor offers public authorities protection in their day-to-day work and the associated contact with citizens who may be infected.

Food supply chain
From dairies and food production facilities to serving counters at butchers and bakeries – the Greiner Visor protects food products, colleagues, and customers alike.

But also think about people in (public) transport, musea, in cafés / restaurants and terrasses, on the daily market, cashiers in supermarkets, sportsclubs, fysio therapists, nail studios, hairdressers, security etc.

Articlelnumber: 998300
Packaging: 40 pcs/box