08. June 2021

Under way to becoming a “green champion”! Greiner presents its strategy and report for a sustainable future.

With a fundamental rethink regarding structures, processes and the equipping of its group for tomorrow, Greiner has dedicated itself to the...

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28. May 2021

World Blood Cancer Day: Greiner Bio-One Supports Leukaemia Aid with 40,000 Euros

Worldwide, one person contracts leukaemia every 35 seconds. On World Blood Cancer Day, 28 May, Greiner Bio-One is announcing its new cooperation...

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18. May 2021

Greiner Bio-One looks back on a very successful financial year 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic dominated 2020, and Greiner Bio-One products played an important role.

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01. April 2021

Enhance safety with Greiner Bio-One!

Greiner Bio-One’s new VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT SAFETY Blood Collection Set enables blood to be collected gently and protects the user against...

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